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Albert Einstein und Philipp Lenard: Antipoden im by Charlotte Schönbeck

By Charlotte Schönbeck

Der erbitterte Kampf des Heidelberger Physikers Philipp Lenard (1862-1947) gegen die Relativitätstheorie Einsteins und auch gegen die individual Albert Einsteins wird in wissenschaftshistorischen Veröffentlichungen und Einstein-Biographien öfter angesprochen. Durch die Verflechtung wissenschaftlicher Kontroversen sowohl mit persönlichen wie auch mit politischen Angriffen nahmen diese Auseinandersetzungen Formen an, die weit über den üblichen Rahmen wissenschaftlicher Auseinandersetzungen hinausgingen.

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Predicting New Words: The Secrets of Their Success by Allan Metcalf Professor

By Allan Metcalf Professor

Have you desired to achieve linguistic immortality by way of making up a note? many folks have coined new phrases — well-known humans like Jonathan fast, Lewis Carroll, and Dr. Seuss, besides many lesser-knowns. yet many extra have recommend new phrases that failed. Why are a few new phrases followed whereas others are overlooked? Allan Metcalf explores this query in his interesting survey of new-word production in English. by means of interpreting previous new-word contenders, Metcalf discerns classes for linguistic durability. for example, he exhibits us why the slapstick comedian Gelett Burgess gave us the phrases blurb and bromide yet did not win a person over with bleesh and diabob. Metcalf examines phrases invented for political and social purposes (African American, pro-life), phrases coined in books (edge urban, the Peter principle), model names and the phrases derived from them (aspirin, Ping-Pong), and phrases that began as jokes (big bang, sofa potato). at the foundation of this study, he develops a scale — the FUDGE scale — for predicting the luck of newly coined phrases. The FUDGE scale has 5 components: Frequency of use, Unobtrusiveness, variety of clients and occasions, new release of alternative kinds and meanings, and persistence of the idea that. through judging how an rising new be aware charges for every FUDGE issue, Metcalf is ready to expect which phrases will take root within the English lexicon and which phrases will dry up and blow away. during this hugely unique paintings, Metcalf indicates us the best way to spin syllabic straw into linguistic gold.

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Der Himmel über dem Menschen der Steinzeit: Astronomie und by Rolf Müller

By Rolf Müller

Dieses Buch erzahlt von den bewundernswerten astronomischen und mathematischen Kenntnissen des Menschen der Steinzeit, der das himmlische Geschehen bei der Ausrichtung seiner Megalith bauten mit erstaunlicher Genauigkeit seinen Zwecken dienlidt madtte. Der Besdtreibung von Stonehenge und seiner astronomi sdten Bedeutung ist ein grosserer Raum gewidmet, zumal neue Untersudtungen erstaunlidte Erkenntnisse ans Lidtt bradtten und moglidterweise hier die Priesterastronomen nidtt nur Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse beobadtteten, sondern mit dem "Zahlwerk" der Aubreylocher sogar vorhersagen konnten. Bei der Erforsdtung der megalithisdten Stein gehege tritt klar zu Tage, dass die Bauherren uberaus tudttige und praktische Geo meter waren. Sie operierten mit geraden Masszahlen, und so wie heute der Feldmesser seinen Meterstab gebraucht, diente ihnen bei der Errichtung ihrer Steindenkmaler die "Megalithische Elle" als Grundrnass. Zweimal bin idt bei meinen Ausfuhrungen vom Boden sicherer chronologischer Einordnung abgewidten. Dies trifft im Besonderen fur die Besdtreibung der Turmfelsen der Extemsteine zu, deren Vorgesdtidtte in Dunkel gehullt ist, und zu deren astronomisdter Bedeutung wir nur Verdachtsgrunde anzufuhren vermogen. Aber gerade hier, wo speedy im Zorn die Ansidtten aufeinanderprallen, lag mir daran, die Meinung des Astronomen vorurteilsfrei zur Spradte zu bringen. Auch die Berguhren im Alpenraum sind zwar sicher schon in vorgeschidttlicher Zeit in Gebrauch gewesen, haben aber ebenso sicher keinen Bezug zu den Steinzeitkulturen. Dem Herausgeber, Herrn Prof. Dr. Karl v. Frisch, danke ich fur mandterlei Anregungen und dem Springer-Verlag fur die Mog lichkeit der Ausstattung des Buches mit zahlreichen Abbildungen. Fur photographische Aufnahmen gebuhrt mein besonderer Dank den Herren Wolfgang Harpredtt und Eckart Freiherr v. Streit."

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Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans: A Reconstruction and by Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Vjaceslav V. Ivanov

By Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Vjaceslav V. Ivanov

"Gamkrelidze and Ivanov's wide-ranging and interdisciplinary paintings, beautifully translated from Russian, is a needs to for each pupil of Indo-European prehistory. Its erudition is unsurpassed, and its unorthodox conclusions are a continual challenge." Prof. Dr. Martin Haspelmath, Max-Planck-Institut fur Evolutionare Anthropologie The authors suggest a revision of perspectives on a few imperative problems with Indo-European experiences. according to findings of typology, they recommend a brand new research of the phonological method of Proto-Indo-European (the 'Glottalic Theory'); they provide novel assumptions concerning the relative chronology of alterations in PIE vowels and laryngeals. Their conclusions are in comparison with facts from Proto-Kartvelian. within the moment a part of the publication, semantically prepared presentation of fabric from the lexicon is mixed with analyses of using kinds and formulae in a largely outlined cultural context. back similarities with homes of basically Kartvelian and Semitic are defined , and prolonged shut contacts with those language households are postulated. This inevitably ends up in an offer to put the hypothetical Urheimat of the Indo-Europeans within the area south of the Caucasus. quantity and II of the unique Russian variation were mixed within the English model as half I; the Bibliography and Indexes are released as half II.

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Indo-European Numerals by Jadranka Gvozdanovic

By Jadranka Gvozdanovic

Traits IN LINGUISTICS is a sequence of books that open new views in our knowing of language. The sequence publishes cutting-edge paintings on center parts of linguistics throughout theoretical frameworks in addition to reports that offer new insights by means of development bridges to neighbouring fields similar to neuroscience and cognitive science.

tendencies IN LINGUISTICS considers itself a discussion board for state of the art examine in response to strong empirical information on language in its a number of manifestations, together with signal languages. It regards linguistic version in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions in addition to in its social contexts as vital resources of perception for a greater figuring out of the layout of linguistic structures and the ecology and evolution of language.

traits IN LINGUISTICS publishes monographs and remarkable dissertations in addition to edited volumes, which supply the chance to handle debatable issues from various empirical and theoretical viewpoints. prime quality criteria are ensured via nameless reviewing.

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