Building vocabulary for college by R. Kent Smith

By R. Kent Smith

Construction VOCABULARY for faculty is a vocabulary worktext that is helping you bring up your educational vocabulary via a realistic, reinforcing process that promotes mastery of the phrases and observe elements studied. The textual content starts off by means of providing the fundamentals comparable to universal prefixes, suffixes, and roots. routines partly 1 ask you to paintings via matching, multiple-choice, sentence fill-in, and finishing a passage sections. the teachings in part 2 introduce phrases from numerous educational disciplines that can assist you prevail around the curriculum. routines partially 2 comprise matching, sentence fill-ins, and finishing a passage sections.

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The federal government and our state government are equivalent in their makeup as they both contain legislative, executive, and judicial branches. equal, the same equivalent __________________________________________________________ 9. The science of bionics, based upon the study of how the human body works, has led to much-improved artificial limbs. science that attempts to duplicate actual limbs and movements through mechanical means bionics ____________________________________________________________ 10.

Posthumously, Van Gogh is recognized as one of the world’s greatest artists, but this certainly was not the case during his lifetime. b___________ . posthumously means (a) while living (b) after death ______________ Chapter 3 • Word Parts and Challenging Words 35 Matching Challenging Words and Definitions Write each word before its definition. culpable apathy superfluous apathy polychromatic posthumously superfluous transition 1. 2. 3. 4. polychromatic veracity epilogue nepotism chronic posthumously unnecessary, excessive, too much lack of interest, absence of emotion many colored, having a variety of colors after death nepotism epilogue 5.

Innocent a __________ 4. Transition suggests a. change b. extravagance c. indifference d. duplication Chapter 3 • Word Parts and Challenging Words 37 __________ 5. Superfluous suggests b a. power b. surplus c. dishonesty d. weakness d __________ 6. Veracity suggests a. adventure b. tenderness c. popularity d. honesty d __________ 7. If a person exhibits apathy, he or she displays a. confidence b. fear c. joy d. unconcern c __________ 8. polychromatic : dull :: a. b. c. d. flat : dismal colorful : flashy colorful : dreary many : a lot b __________ 9.

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