Biodegradable Polymers As Drug Delivery Systems by Mark Chasin

By Mark Chasin

Experiences the homes, synthesis, and formulations of a couple of good studied polymers more and more getting used in site-specific or systematic management of pharmaceutical brokers. for every of the polymers, discusses the history; chemistry and synthesis; the formula of microcapsules, solv

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5]Helicene racemizes at room temperature [60], whereas total racemization of [9]helicene at 380◦ C takes place within 10 min [61]. Substitution of helicenes often results in higher racemization energy, leading to their greater stability during thermal racemization [62]. Heterocyclic (tiophenone-benzene) [63,64] and pyrrole [65] analogues of helicenes were obtained as optically active isomers. Planar chirality occurs in cyclophanes and ansa type compounds. 2]Paracyclophane is optically inactive.

They are not positioned in the same plane). Substitution at ortho position of biphenyl or binaphtyl derivatives (one ortho position is substituted with cumulated benzene ring) causes steric hindrance and makes free rotation of rings difficult relative to each other. 20). When several aromatic rings are linked in such a way that three adjacent rings are condensed in ortho position, the corresponding compounds are called helicenes. 20 Two different conformers of a biphenyl derivative that are mirror images.

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