Bible de Jerusalem 1998 - Nouveau Testament (scan)

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The Other Jesus: Stories from World Religions

We’re conversant in the Jesus portrayed within the New testomony, yet many of us are shocked to profit wealth of news and traditions approximately Jesus have consistently existed along the standard Biblical resources. Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism—among different religions—have created their very own stories approximately Jesus, occasionally out of useful self-preservation and response to the claims of the church, yet extra frequently via considerate and inventive variation.

Haggai und Sacharja 1-8: Eine redaktionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung

The books of Haggai and Proto-Zechariah (Zechariah 1-8) belong to the post-exilic books of the outdated testomony prophets. the subject of either books is the restitution of Judah and of the Jerusalem Temple. They proportion a standard relationship method which refers back to the reign of the Persian King Darius I. This learn reconstructs the genesis and improvement of those prophetic books over a interval of a number of centuries and integrates their a variety of revisions into the old context of the theology of old Judaism.

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After reviewing the constitutional and legal promises of religious freedom, the International Religious Freedom reports went on to list laws and other legal actions that denied religious freedoms. 2, legal violations of freedoms promised were routine. Of the 130 countries promising religious freedom, 86 percent (112 countries) have at least one law denying a religious freedom and 38 percent have four or more such restrictions. Of the thirteen countries not promising religious freedom, all have four or more.

As expected, the highest rates and most severe levels of persecution are found in the Middle East and South Asia. For the six countries of South Asia and the seventeen in the Middle East and North Africa, violent religious persecution has become the norm. In South Asia, not only has each country experienced high levels of violent religious persecution (more than two hundred cases), but more than one thousand cases also occurred in all six (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka).

3. Government Favoritism to Religion by Levels of Violent Religious Persecution Level of Abuse No Obvious Favoritism to Religions (%) Minimal Favoritism to Religions (%) Obvious Favoritism to Some Religions above Others (%) None reported 1–200 abused or displaced >200 abused or displaced Total countries 29 52 19 21 24 45 31 29 5 45 50 44 Obvious Favoritism to One Religion above All Others (%) 10 37 53 49 24 The Price of Freedom Denied religious persecution and government’s selective favoritism of some religions above others.

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