Between Politics and Reason: The Drug Legalization Debate by Erich Goode

By Erich Goode

During this e-book Erich Goode provides an outline of drug use and abuse in the US to provide scholars a high-quality realizing of the problems and difficulties. Key arguments within the drug legalization debate are put in a social and political viewpoint, with implications for present debates past the U.S.. the prospective keep an eye on of tobacco and alcohol use is addressed additionally.

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It is engaged in by a broad spectrum of the class structure, but it is most characteristic of the middle class. This type is "controlled" drug use, drug use for the purpose of pleasure, drug use which takes place experimentally, or, if repeated, once a week, once or twice a month; it is drug use in conjunction with and in the service of other pleasurable activities. 64-86). Relatively few of these drug users become an objective or concrete problem to the society, except for the fact that they are often targeted as a problem.

Another important point: The theories in the NIDA volume focused on a variety of different aspects of drug use some on addiction, some on use per se, and some on hea\7, chronic use, or abuse. This latter distinction will become extremely important tion of — very shortly. An explanation that applies to experimentation, casual, or to heavy, chronic use, or abuse. moderate use may not apply One theory or explanation the NIDA volume did not include makes use of a series of extremely crucial recent "macro" developments that help us understand drug abuse: the conflict theory or approach.

My view is, this is not a medical or empirical question, it is a moral or ideological question, a question of values. While we can demonstrate that a given drug effect can harm the functioning of an organ in an objective and concrete fashion, we cannot demonstrate that addiction, by itself, is, at least with a nontoxic drug, medically harmful. It is inconvenient, but not intrinsically harmful. Who would want to be a. is a question of values, not of simply say that the two dimensions of addiction and harm are theoretically separate, while, in concrete reality, they are closely intertwined.

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