Autism Spectrum Disorder by Marguerite Rodger

By Marguerite Rodger

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You can explain by telling them what ASD means, and that certain behaviors are symptoms of ASD. Hopefully, an increase in understanding will lead to a decrease in conflict. Even if those around you understand ASD, and you feel that you are in a supportive environment, you may still feel stress. This can lead to conflict, so try to have supports in place that you can turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you have an ASD and are able to identify when you are feeling stressed, develop a plan to cope.

Understanding the causes for such behaviors is the first step in learning to effectively manage them. Tantrums are a reaction to frustration and feeling overwhelmed. It takes a team approach to manage these behaviors. 31 Freak-out or Frustration? There are some trademark behaviors that are symptoms of ASD. These include repetitive routines or movements such as flapping hands or arms, body rocking, and constant humming. These behaviors are sometimes called “stimming,” which is short for selfstimulation.

Tiring yourself out with some exercise can help you sleep better at night. When Food Is a Problem Many people with ASDs have food sensitivities and digestive issues and are more likely to have bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Many are also very particular about what they eat—eating only a few different foods. Food sensitivities and the fear of new foods sometimes hold them back from trying new foods. Junk food is tasty and easy to pick up, but it’s not nutritious and can make you feel sick. Each week try choosing one new healthy food such as a fruit or vegetable.

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