Atlantis, The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

By Ignatius Donnelly

Атлантида, мир до потопа — книга американского политика Игнатиуса Лойолы Доннелли, опубликованная в 1882 году. Доннелли считал сообщения Платона об Атлантиде описанием действительно существовавшей цивилизации, и пытался доказать, что все прочие древние цивилизации Земли произошли от атлантической. Книга стала чрезвычайно популярной (только к 1890 г. было предпринято 23 издания[1], а к 1949 г. — 50) и легла в основу суждений об Атлантиде в трудах Джеймса Чёрчварда, использовалась в рассуждениях об Атлантиде Е. П. Блаватской и Р. Штейнера[2]. На рассуждения Доннелли об общности древних культур Старого и Нового света оказали влияние эксцентрические теории Ш. Э. Брассёр де Бурбура и О. Ле-Плонжона.

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When these connecting ridges extended from America to Europe and Africa, they shut off the flow of the tropical waters of the ocean to the north: there was then no "Gulf Stream;" the land-locked ocean that laved the shores of Northern Europe was then intensely cold; and the result was the Glacial Period. When the barriers of Atlantis sunk sufficiently to permit the natural expansion of the heated water of the tropics to the north, the ice and snow which covered Europe gradually disappeared; the Gulf Stream flowed around Atlantis, and it still retains the circular motion first imparted to it by the presence of that island.

It is very probable that the centre of the convulsion was in the bed of the Atlantic, at or near the buried island of Atlantis, and that it was a successor of the great earth throe which, thousands of years before, had brought destruction upon that land. ERUPTION OF VESUVIUS IN 1737. Ireland also lies near the axis of this great volcanic area, reaching from the Canaries to Iceland, and it has been many times in the past the seat of disturbance. The ancient annals contain numerous accounts of eruptions, preceded by volcanic action.

The soil was exceedingly fertile; the scenery was diversified by rivers, mountains, and forests. It was the custom of the inhabitants to retire during the summer to magnificent country-houses, which stood in the midst of beautiful gardens. " St. Clement, in his Epistle to the Corinthians, says that there were other worlds beyond the ocean. Attention may here be called to the extraordinary number of instances in which allusion is made in the Old Testament to the "islands of the sea," especially in Isaiah and Ezekiel.

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