Art of Iran by Andre Godard

By Andre Godard

The evolution of the artwork of Iran—from the famed Luristan Bronzes of the primitive Zagros civilization to contemporary Islamic contributions—is demanding to track for plenty of international types and idioms have inspired and adjusted its improvement. extra over, lots of Iran's spiritual sanctuaries, monuments, and different paintings treasures have been, until eventually lately, inaccessible to the surface international. Now, during this lavish complete scale presentation of Iran's nice creative history, André Godard presents a lucid and finished research of Iranian structure, sculpture, and ornamental arts

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Height: 45 This statue represents a man in. Louvre. squatting; on his knees he holds a jar for holding perfume. 5. A CYLINDER OF THE AKKADIAN PERIOD Provenance unknown, possibly Mesopotamia. 2400-2200 bc. ; diameter about \ in. Rietberg Museum, Zurich. Fight between tlie hero Gilgamesh and a zvater-bujfalo. This theme, repeated antithetically, is accompanied by the motif of a lion rampant attacking a rampant bull. Unlike the water-buffalo, the bull has quite small horns. This tlieme of animals fighting mie another and of Gilgamesh fighting wild beasts is characteristic of the Akkadian period.

But at the end of the fourth millenniimi, as the result of events as yet imknowTi, possibly an Elamite invasion, the Caspian lands began to feel the influence of the civiHzation of their south-western neighbours. From the most remote periods and throughout the third millennium, Gilgamesh, the deified hero whose legend and epic have been so often quoted, was represented on cylinder-seals (fig. 14 and pi. 5). and At the end of the fourth millennium Giyan. From Siyalk and Tepe that time onwards, as had words appeared at Susa, Tepe were imdoubtedly scribes Iran whose main Simier, there in happened earher in occupation was to keep the accotmts of chtirch propert}'.

Seleucus I, general of Alexander the Great, satrap and later king of Babylonia. Founder of the Seleucid dynasty (c. 305-280 BC). ^ The Greek name for the Elamites. In the art of the Zagrus Moimtains, the ceremonies. * situla was used for fetching the water required for various Fig. 17 Fig. 18 Fig. 19 Fig. 20 CAPTIONS TO PLATES 10-20 48 10. LEFT SIDE OF A BRONZE BIT Luristân. i2CX)-iooo bc. Height: yf in. CoifFard collection. Louvre. This object represents a zmnged monster. The human head is crowned with a sort of crescent or homed tiara.

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