Ars Christiana: In memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI.1928 by Roman Krivko, Basil Lourie, Andrei Orlov

By Roman Krivko, Basil Lourie, Andrei Orlov

Ars Christiana: In Memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.xi.1928 -

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Gr. 607 and in the set from the 10th–11th cc. has been described by Alexandra Nikiforova: the makarismoi are a ested in Sin. gr. 579 (8th of September, Nativity of the Theotokos; 14th of September, Exaltation of the Holy Cross; 26th of September, commemoration of St. John the Theologos); РНБ, Греч. 89 + Sin. gr. 578 (6th of December, commemoration of St. Nikolas;70 24th–25th of December, Christmas Forefeast and Christmas Feast; 27th of December, commemoration of St. Stephanos; 30th of December, Christmas A erfeast); Sin.

F. 8v Φωτοβόλοις λαμπρότησιν τὸν ἐχθρόν…* Ὁ κανὼν φέρων ἀκροστιχ(ίδα) τήνδ(ε)· Τιμοθέου Μαύρας τε τοὺς πόνους σέβω. * ᾠδὴ α´, ἦχ(ος) πλ(άγιος) β´. [Hirmos of the first ode:] Ὡς ἐν ἠπείρῳ. [Incipit of the first troparion:] Τῶν ἱερέων ἀθλοφόρων…* 3. 65 “The Canon for each feast is preceded by one kathisma (for greatest feasts: two kathismata) plus three (or more) stichera”66 with no other genres. This manuscript transmits the second-earliest Byzantine office Menaion.

Jужнословенских рукописа: Сборник радова са III Међународне Хиландарске конференциjе одржане од 28. до 30. марта 1989 (Београд: Српска академиjа наука и уметности, оделениjе jезика и књижевности, 1995) 444; M. A. Momina, Einführung, in: M. A. Momina, N. –14. Jahrhunderts I: Vorfastenzeit (Paderborn—München— Wien—Zürich: Ferdinand Schöningh, 2004) (Abhandlungen der NordrheinWestfälischen Akademie der Wissenscha en, 110; Patristica Slavica, 11) *220, *248–*249; З. РАНКОВИЋ, Структура Братковога Минеjа.

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