Arctic Languages: An Awakening by Dirmid R. F. Collis

By Dirmid R. F. Collis

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Integraltafel: Erster Teil: Unbestimmte Integrale

Der Zweck dieser Integraltafel ist, den Mathematikern, Physikern und Ingenieuren zeitraubende Ausrechnungen von Integralformeln nach Maglichkeit zu ersparen; sie solI auch einen kurzen "Ober blick iiber aIle in den einzelnen Fallen brauchbaren Methoden geben. Sie solI aber kein Lehrbuch der Integralrechnung sein, sondern setzt geniigende Vertrautheit mit deren grundlegenden Begriffen und Regeln voraus.

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Konstitucija (Osnovnoj Zakon) Rossijskoj Sovetskoj Federativnoj Socialisticeskoj Respubliki (Constitution [Basic Law) of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic). Moscow, 1978, pp. 20-l. 12. Vedomosti Verhovnogo Soveta RSFSR (Bulletin of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet), No. 48 (1154). Moscow, 1980, p. 1594. 13. RSFSR. Administrativno-territorial’noe delenie (The RSFSR: administrative territorial division). Moscow, ‘Bulletin of the USSR Soviets of People’s Deputies’ Publications’, 1981, pp. 9-117.

Materials on the Visual Arts of the Siberian Peoples in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries). Moscow, Leningrad. 10 . 1970. Skul’ptura narodov Severa i Sibiri (Sculpture of the Northern and Siberian Peoples). Leningrad. p. 281. 1. Socio-economic and Cultural Development of the Peoples of the Soviet North Vassily Uvachan Among the outstanding historical achievements of the Soviet system is the fact that it has, while building socialism, solved the problem ofnationalities. In the pre-revolutionary period many of the country’s peoples suffered dreadful national and social oppression under Tsarism and the bourgeoisie as well as local exploiters.

It has been suggested that in the past some Palaeosiberian ethnic groups were influenced by Samoyedic-speaking peoples, and this casts an interesting light on their linguistic history. N. 3 Certain linguistic facts corroborate it too When it was first described, the Eskimo language, in addition to its obvious loans from the Chukchi-Kamchadal languages, revealed traces of a deeper kinship with them. 4 However, the known facts about the Eskimo and Samoyedic languages are merely the first pointers to the Palaeosiberians ’internal and external linguistic connections.

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