Annie's Attic Crochet n Weave Rugs Booklet by Andy Ashley

By Andy Ashley

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Solder the bee's wings to the body with easy solder. Use the third hand to hold the jump ring to the back of the bee body-slightly offset the ring. Flux and solder with extra easy solder. solJet chir Patina both of the pieces with liver of sulphur} and pumice away just the wings so that the center-punched dots pop out. Finish with brass brushing. 4 crimp beads Copper crimp bead covers (optional) , T'r When soldering the ring} think about which way you want the toggle to lay, and solder the ring so it's not at a pivot point.

Just adjust your flame so it's light and fluffy, and gently dust it over the metal's surface. Stop when you like the look. A haphazard red color can be applied to copper with a torch and a pot of boiling water. Position the pot of boiling water next to your torch. Hold your piece with tweezers, and then use the torch to heat the copper to a very hot red color. Keep the piece that color while you move it over the pot of boiling water. Get as close to the water as you can while still maintaining the red color, then drop the piece into the You can achieve a wide range of color finishes using liver of sulphur 38 water.

Repeat, scribing two lY:J2-inch (9 mm) circles. Saw out each shape, and square up the discs by filing. Sand the discs to 600-grit finish. 5 cm) Sterling ring band, 5 mm width Steel ring mandrel Third hand tool Clear or black beading elastic Bead assortment Dome each of the discs in the dapping block. Mark the center of each domed piece and drill with a #65 drill bit. Drilling from the inside out makes it easier to clean up the burrs on the back. Take it easy when drilling because the pieces may want to spin and get hot, making them hard to hold on to them.

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