Among the Prophets: Language, Image and Structure in the

Prophetic symbolism is likely one of the key subject matters of this quantity. On Isaiah, John F.A. Sawyer unearths radical pictures of Yahweh, Kenneth T. Aitken appears on the metamorphosis of the foremost motif of listening to, seeing and knowing, Michael L. Barre examines lions and birds in 31.4-5, and Marvin A. Sweeney re-examines vmes(tm)s in 8.6. The imagery of Ezekiel is explored through Leslie C. Allen (the 'Death Valley' imaginative and prescient) and M.G. Swanepoel (Ezekiel sixteen and feminine photos of Israel), and Alan Cooper and Athalya Brenner write at the ebook of Jonah. essays of extra basic scope take care of the hunt for solidarity in Isaiah (David Carr) and the redactional form of Nahum 1 (James Nogalski). an enticing and stimulating quantity which displays the liveliness of present learn at the prophetic literature.

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Schrocder, O . 1912 "umesoS eine Glosse zu rason', ZA W 32 : 301-302 . Sperber, A . 1962 Th e Bible i n Aramaic. III. Th e Latter Prophets according t o Targum Jonathan (Leiden : Brill) . H . 1989 Trito-Jesaj a i m Jesajabuch" , i n Vermeyle n 1989a: 361-406 . A . 1988 Isaiah 1-4 an d th e Post-Exilic Understanding o f th e Isaianic Tradition (BZAW, 171 ; Berlin: de Gruyter). C . 1972 Scrolls from Qnmran Cave 1 : The Great Isaiah Scroll; Th e Order o f th e Community; Th e Pesher t o Hahakknk (Jerusalem : Th e Albrigh t Institut e of Archaeologica l Research an d the Shrin e o f th e Book) .

Will now b e forgiven (KJBJ , v . 24). Thi s referenc e to Israel's iniquity, however, also directly recalls th e statements o f the AITKEN Hearing and Seeing 3 7 people's sinfulnes s (}w) i n 1. 18 . "IEN^ D i n v . 10 . 1-7) , but as one which wil l no longer exist . Thereby Isaiah' s visio n also becomes th e model of what Israel wil l no longer lac k an d what will therefore n o longer be denied t o them. 1 As we have seen, Isaiah' s confessio n o f his own an d Israel's uncleannes s (KM ) i n 6.

14). 21 (cf . 7). 23 (cf. 23) . B. 1-4 , 14-22. 5 , which momen tarily look s forwar d to the tim e whe n Yahweh woul d be a 'spiri t of justice' t o those responsibl e for discharging it . As against the present 1. Withi n chs . 22, where it is used of Israel defiling their idols. 2. Withi n chs . 13 , referring t o the divine assembly. 17 ; cf . T O DIT , v . 2), th e future kin g an d prince s wil l b e a shelte r fro m th e stor m (D~I T ~ino) , and wil l be lik e life-givin g waters (ova , v .

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