Amino Group Chemistry: From Synthesis to the Life Sciences by Alfredo Ricci

By Alfredo Ricci

The following, essentially the most very important practical staff in natural chemistry is mentioned in a single convenient quantity. The monograph covers its program -- from common items to artificial prescription drugs -- detailing complicated syntheses utilizing the amino staff as templates and glossy concepts focussing at the creation of the amino team. A definitive must-have for each chemist.

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57). 58). 10) [70]. 59). 10 Ag(I)-catalyzed aziridination of alkenes with N-sulfonyliminophenyliodinane (33). 60 Rh-catalyzed aziridination of alkenes by the use of sulfamate ester 34 and PhI(OAc)2. Many catalytic asymmetric aziridinations of alkenes with 33 in the presence of metal complexes with chiral bis(oxazoline), salen, and porphyrin ligands have been reported [71]. 60). Au(I) complexes also catalyze the same type of aziridination of alkenes [73]. 01 mmol) was stirred in CH3CN (2 mL) for 5–10 min.

34) [37]. Nucleophilic attack of the carbanion at the N=N double bond of 26a and subsequent elimination of a tosylamide anion gives N-arylimines, on which a second nucleophilic attack by the carbanion proceeds to give tetrasubstituted ethylenes. 35) [38]. 34), intramolecular attack at the electrophilic isocyano group carbon, aromatization through proton transfer, and elimination of cyanide ion proceed successively to give imidazoles. Knochel identified the utility of various arylazo p-tolyl sulfones 26 as synthetic equivalents of N-positively charged arylamine synthons.

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