Alaska trees and shrubs by Leslie A. Little, Elbert L. Viereck

By Leslie A. Little, Elbert L. Viereck

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Leaves with minute scales; flowers with calyx but no corolla (elaeagnus family, Elaeagnaceae). I. Leaves opposite, with brown scales __________________________ _______________ 86. buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis) II. Leaves alternate, with silvery scales __________________ __________________ 87. silverberry (Elaeagnus commutata) HH. Leaves not scaly; flowers with both calyx and corolla. J. Petals separate. K. Ovary or ovaries superior, with calyx and corolla attached below. Page 31 L. Ovaries few to many (rose family, Rosaceae).

Salal (Gaultheria shallon) aa. Leaves less than 2 in. ) long, narrow, dull, not toothed on edges. b. Leaves with dense brownish red curly hairs beneath. c. Leaves oblong, 1-2 in. ) long, 3/16-1/2 in. ) wide, curled downward slightly on edges; fruit stalk bent or curved throughout its length _________ _________ 94. Labrador-tea (Ledum groenlandicum) cc. Leaves linear, 5/16-5/8 in. ) long, 1/64-1/8 in. ) wide, tightly rolled under, curled edges covering lower surface; fruit stalk abruptly bent near capsule __________________________________ __ 93.

Shrubs less than 4 ft. ) high; leaves thick, evergreen; twigs and leaves without glandular ("sticky") hairs. h. Upright shrubs, loosely branching, not forming mats; leaves not crowded, not needlelike, more than 1/2 in. ) long. i. Leaves oblong to linear, edges rolled under. j. Corolla purple, saucer-shaped; leaves whitish beneath with inconspicuous veins ________ ______ 99. bog kalmia (Kalmia polifolia) jj. Corolla pinkish to crimson, urn-shaped; leaves greenish or whitish beneath with conspicuous veins _______________________________ 107.

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