Afferent Connections of the Medial Basal Hypothalamus by Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

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It is known that ascending catecholaminergic fibers innervating the hypothalamus cross the midline or give off collateral fibers to the contralateral side on their way up (tindvall and Bjorklund 1974). Because adrenaline and noradrenaline also decrease Significantly in the contralateral NA after the lesion ofC1-Al cell groups, an at least partial decussation of fibers already at the medullary level can be reckoned with (Palkovits et al. 1980a, b). Termination of Brain Stem Fibers in the MEH. (Electron Microscopic Studies) Lesions were placed in various brain stem regions, where HRP labeled cells occurred in higher numbers (Fig.

This is in accordance with data of Belenky et al. (1979), showing a relatively high number of labeled terminals in the ME following intraventricular infusion of 3H-SHT. On the other hand, labeled cells found in the nucleus raphe pontis (nos. 7, 15) in the B6 cell group (the caudal, pontine extension of the nucleus raphe dorsalis: Dahlstrom and Fuxe 1964) and in the nucleus raphe magnus (no. 7) suggest, in accordance with data of Fuxe and Jonsson (1974), that even more caudal raphe nuclei might be involved in the serotoninergic innervation of the MBH.

32 In the ME, terminal degeneration was observed after the destruction of AI, A2, A6, and AS catecholaminergic cell groups and of the serotoninergic cell groups of the dorsal raphe nucleus. Degeneration was found in the zona intema after A2-lesions, in the zona extema after AS-lesions, and in both areas after dorsal raphe and locus cerulus lesions (Fig. ISD). Degeneration was seen in the NA after AI, A2, A6, and dorsal raphe nucleus lesions (Fig. ISE). In the NVM, degeneration was due to the destruction of AI, A2, A7, and AS cell groups, as well as to the destruction of the parabrachial-central tegmental field and of the central gray matter of the midbrain (Fig.

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