Advances in Magnetic Resonance in Food Science (Special by P. BELTON, B. HILLS, G. WEBB


The hugely flexible nature of magnetic resonance options in facing difficulties bobbing up in lots of parts in nutrients technology is ably verified in Advances in Magnetic Resonance in nutrition technology. issues lined comprise improvement of the process, useful materials of nutrients, sign therapy and research, in addition to functions of magnetic resonance to foodstuff processing and engineering. offering the state of the art within the topic, the overseas flavour of the contributions will make this crucial analyzing for either teachers and industrialists in foodstuff technological know-how.

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6 : Initial 'H A&&? signal amplitude of the slow relaxing protons divided by the amplitude of the FID signal at I 1 psec ( 8, :MOsrJFID~J and sodium relaxation times ( : 23iVal / R 2 ) as a finction of the water content. A sudden change in slope is visible for both parameters in the 10-20% water content region. Takenfrom reference 9. as they become increasingly plasticized. The use of water oxygen-17 relaxation would alleviate this complication. 6 Water diffusivity in a single component biopolymer system Because the biopolymer self diffusion coefficient is negligible compared to that of bulk water it is usually safe to assume that the water self diffusion coefficients in the structural and multilayer states are also negligible, so we can write, 54 Advances in Magnetic Resonance in Food Science or xi - x,,,.

In this paper an attempt is made to show how, beginning with a new multistate theory of water relationships on the molecular distance scale, transport behaviour on larger distance scales can be understood. Such understanding is essential if we are to predict the effects of biopolymer engineering and novel processing operations on the quality of manufacured foods. 2. 1 The multistate formalism Recent multinuclear N M R experiments and molecular dynamics calculations have clearly demonstrated that it is usually sufficient to consider three stqtes of water in biopolymer systems and biological tissue.

1994,38, 1757. 7. I. T. Norton, T. Foster and C. R. T. Brown, ‘9th International Conference on Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry’, Wrexham, 1997. 8. S. Meiboom and D. Gill, Rev. Sci. , 1958, 29, 688. 9. S. Ablett, P. J. Lillford, S . M. A. Baghdadi and W. D. Derbyshire, J. , 1978, 67, 355. 10. A. L. Hanlon, PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 1998. 1. 2. Internal Structure Characterization of Soft Cheeses by MRI F. Mariette,' G. Collewet,' P. Marchal' and J. M. Franconi2 ' CEMAGREF, TECHNOLOGY DIVISION, 17 AVENUE DE CUCILLE, CS 64427,35044 RENNES, FRANCE * SIEMENS SA, 3 9 4 7 BOULEVARD ORNANO, 93527 SAINT DENIS, FRANCE 1 INTRODUCTION Structure is a relevant characteristic of food products.

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