A Theory of Syntax for Systemic Functional Linguistics by Robin P. Fawcett

By Robin P. Fawcett

This publication describes and evaluates substitute methods inside Systemic useful Linguistics (SFL) to representing the constitution of language on the point of shape. It assumes no earlier wisdom of SFL, and will consequently be learn as an advent to present matters in the thought. it's going to curiosity any linguist who takes a useful method of realizing language.
Part 1 summarizes the most important advancements within the 40 years of SFL’s heritage, together with substitute methods inside Halliday’s personal writings and the emergence of the “Cardiff Grammar” instead to the “Sydney Grammar”. It questions the theoretical prestige of the ‘multiple constitution’ representations in Halliday’s influential Introduction to sensible Grammar (1994), demonstrating that Halliday’s version also wishes an integrating syntax comparable to that defined partly 2.
Part 2 specifies and discusses the set of ‘categories’ and ‘relationships’ which are wanted in a concept of syntax for a contemporary, computer-implementable systemic sensible grammar. The theoretical thoughts are exemplified at each element, frequently from English yet sometimes from different languages.
The ebook is either a critique of Halliday’s present conception of syntax and the presentation of another model of SFL that's both systemic and both sensible.

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3. This book therefore takes "Categories" as the starting point of the new theory. R. Firth and his colleagues" (Halliday 1993:4505). A close reading of Firth (1957 and 1968) shows that most of the concepts in "Categories" can be found at some point or other in Firth's writings, but Halliday's achievement — as so often in influential innovatory work — was to perceive an overall theoretical framework within which they could be insightfully related to each other. Thus, while all systemic functional linguists would join with Halliday in honouring Firth as a revered predecessor, it is "Categories" that is regarded as the founding document of the theory.

The only reasonably full statement by a systemic functional grammarian whose purpose is to reflect the major changes in the theory referred to above has been that of Fawcett (1974-6/81) — this being probably best known through the summary provided in Butler (1985:94-102). It is important to emphasize that the 'ground rules' that guide my work on syntax differ from Halliday's in one important way. , at the 'systemic-semantic' level of representation. The model of syntax presented in Fawcett (1974-6/81) has developed, with a small number of major changes and many minor ones, into the theory of syntax that has become an integral part of the current large-scale Cardiff Grammar — as described in Fawcett, Tucker & Lin (1993), Tucker (1998), Fawcett (in press and forthcoming a), and the various other works listed in Fawcett (1998).

1 of Chapter 10 for Halliday's explanation for why he introduced the two terms. 22 SCALE & CATEGORY GRAMMAR The concept of 'exponence' when put like this, is so broad as to be of very little practical use, and it is not surprising that it later underwent very considerable changes. The first change resulted directly from Halliday's change in the concept of 'system'. In a footnote in Halliday (1966/76:90), he substitutes the term realization for "exponence". ] semiotic system" (Halliday 1993:4505).

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