A Prehistory of Slavic: The Historical Phonology of Common by George Y. Shevelov

By George Y. Shevelov

Systematic Presentation of the phonological improvement of universal Slavic from its formation as a dialect of Indo-European to its ultimate disintegration into into the separate Slavic language. for college kids in Slavic and Indo-European linguistics.

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Bidwell . Slavic historical phonology in tabular form. H, 1963. B. Chronology of Common Slavic sound changes N. Troubetzk oy . "Essai sur l a chronologie de certains faits phonetiques du slave commun". RES, 2, 1922. P. Buzuk. "Sproba h ist oryi dah ist ar y c naj epoxi sl avja ns kaj fonetyki". Instytut belaruskaj kul'tury. Zapisk i addzelu humanitarnyx navuk, 2 (Minsk, 1928). K. Rocher. "Z relativne chronologie hlasko vych zmen slornnskych". Bratislava, 1934, 1-2. N. van Wijk. "K ist o rii fonologiceskoj sistemy v ob:lceslavjanskom jaz y ke pozdnego perioda".

Many e tym olo gie s are fresh and bold but are not always reliable. Most etymological dictionaries do not include place-names. And yet their im­ porta n ce is indisputable, especially for the reconstruction of the late CS and early SL The most important monographs in this field are listed in the bibliography to this chapter. Selected bibliography A. General courses F. Miklosi ch . Vergkichende Gra m matik der slavischen Spr ache n , I. Vc rgle ichen de Lautlehre der slavischen Sprache n . 2 V, 1879.

See 4, 14). In non-SI IE languages the long diphthongs are immediately identi fiable from OI, Av, and partly Gr. e . r, l, m, n, in OI , too, the first vowel is Jong, whereas in the regular diphthongs it is not. In the case of i and u-diphthongs, OI and Av h av e qualitati\·ely different reflexes for the two kinds of diphthongs. The regular d iphthongs in OI m onoph ­ thongized into e ( < ei, oi, ai) and o ( < eu, ou, au); the long diphthongs arc reflected as diphthongs ai and au. Gr preserves length in the case of long i-d iphthon gs in open syllables.

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