3D Origami: step-by-step illustrations by Boutique-sha Staff, Yasuyuki Okada, Yoko Ishiguro

By Boutique-sha Staff, Yasuyuki Okada, Yoko Ishiguro

Origami is created through folding small squares of paper into a variety of shapes. 3D Origami takes that culture to the subsequent point via combining smaller origami tasks into third-dimensional buildings. those outstanding and possible tough sculptures are deceptively effortless to make. each one sturdy item is shaped from uncomplicated folded devices. The works comprise cranes, swans, turtles, owls, penguins, pineapples, sunflowers, baskets, hats, urns, kittens, rabbits, and others. many of the strategies are illustrated with images and step by step illustrations. 3D Origami is certain to interact fanatics of the craft and open up a brand new global of pleasure to origami devotees.

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