100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia (Continuums by Gavin Reid

By Gavin Reid

This beneficial, imaginitive and sensible advisor offers these operating with dyslexic kids 100 principles of ways to aid their studying improvement. Lists diversity from opting for the wishes of person students and their studying types to constructing scholars studying, writing, numeric and conversation abilities.

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As the pupil writes he must look at each letter and hear its sound. He will receive kinaesthetic feedback through the movement of the arm and throat muscles check to see if the word is correct cover up the word and repeat the process. Continue to practise the word in this way, three times a day, for one week. By this time the word should be committed to memory. However, only one word will have been learned. The final step involves the categorization of the word with other words which sound and look alike.

These features could be drawn in an exaggerated fashion. There is no writing or note-taking in this idea, although the next step would be for the pupil to summarize in writing what he has drawn. IDEA 19 — _ 31 |— yj ^ ^ |— {J ^ 23 IDEA 20 For those dyslexic pupils who struggle with sequencing it is important that they keep a record of the sequence of events. This should be very brief, just outlining the main events, and could also be done in bullet point form. Pupils can use this sequence of events when they are recapping the story/event orally.

Ask the pupils to write down key words that describe their adventure. They can make a list of how they are feeling, what they see and what they do on their walk through the forest. They may choose to encounter obstacles, creatures or people who may be make-believe or real. This is their adventure and they should have fun with it. IDEA 40 49 IDEA 41 I/} Q Cd ^ {J I— ^. J~ 50 Following the forest theme of the two previous ideas, you could get your pupils to send a postcard from their forest. Ask them to decide who they are going to send it to and to think about what they want to say.

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